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Our goal is to keep you pleased as a customer and therefore we do accept returns for product refunds.

No credit will be allowed for returns unless our authorization in writing for such returns has been obtained beforehand. A copy of this authorization is to be returned with the shipped item as the packing slip along with the original sales receipt.

All returns must be initiated and completed within 5 calendar days of the receipt of the product you ordered. Unless noted, at the sole discretion of Liberty Process Equipment engineering staff we will offer only store credit after 5 calendar days after the purchase has transpired or RGA has been filed. Custom or special items cannot be retuned.

If an item is damaged in transport it is the responsibility of the purchaser to initiate contact with the shipper. Please contact us immediately if this occurs.

Restocking fees for online purchases:

Minimum restocking fees of 25% of the total sale cost of the returned part in question will be assessed from the initial charge before any refund is given. After a full examination of the piece has taken place, if identifying tags, bar codes etc. have been removed from the pieces and need to be re-affixed to successfully place the item back into usable inventory, a $25 fee will be assessed in addition to any/all other charges and deducted from your refund.

We ask that before you place your order you check and double check your part to be sure that it is indeed the correct piece you need. If you have any questions as to whether or not a particular part will work please feel free to call one of our sales engineers at (847) 640-7867 with any questions you may have. A simple phone call can be the difference between getting what you need or what you'll have to return.

#1.) Prior Return Authorization must be given to you first.

If you do need to return your pump part, the first thing you will need is an RGA form. Contact us via phone or contact form to receive one and so we may put you into the system. Our Phone number is (847) 640-7867.

Once you have received your RGA form, please fill the form out and give full details as to the cause of the problem with the part in question, when finished, you can fax the RGA form to (847) 640-7855. We may call you to discuss your options and product problems before you return the product.

Items returned to us without an RGA will NOT be refunded.

#2.) Material/Product must be returned in new, unused condition.

If the part you returned to us has wear marks or signs of use than are more than cosmetic in nature, the product will be considered a "used" part and you will be charged the full amount of the sale and the part will be returned to you freight collect.

Returned parts that are found to be unusable will be returned at the purchasers expense. Parts or Pumps that are returned without authorization from without previous authorization will not be considered for warranty/returns claims and will be returned freight collect with no refund given. All products usability from either a return or warranty claim will be the sole determination of Progressivecavityparts/Liberty Process Equipment.

#3.) Restocking & Shipping fees will be charged

A Restocking fee of 25% of the total cost of the part being returned will be charged as well as the full shipping amount if the product meets requirements for being added back to inventory. This amount will be deducted from your credit/refund.

#4.) Serial Numbers and Identification

All Serial Numbers, identifications, bar codes etc will remain affixed to the returned part as it was when it was shipped from our stock and will have no signs of being removed. If such tags, bar-codes, identifiers etc. are removed by the client, a $25 charge will be deducted from any/all other return charges for re-tagging and reentering the item into stock inventory.

#5.) Return Freight Charges

If a part was sent to you by mistake such as the product is different from what you ordered, (incorrect model number) will pay the shipping charges to return the product to our facility. However, if the product was bought in error (wrong part for pump, incorrect size) etc. then all shipping charges to return the product to inventory remain the responsibility of the client.

The returns process is as follows:

1. You contact Process Equipment with your complaint/return request within 5 calendar days of purchase.

2. An RGA Number will be issued to you and a Returns form faxed/emailed to you to fill out and return. Instructions for shipping the part back to Progressivecavityparts will be given to you.

3. Item will be repackaged if possible in original packaging material, if not available then client must package item in a ways as to return the product to Progressivecavityparts in pristine, usable and resale-able condition. Failure to do so and any damages received in shipping will be considered the clients responsibility, NOT the shipper and the product will be examined thoroughly to ensure it is still in resell-able condition.

4. Item that is being returned will be fully examined by our engineers, if returned item shows signs of use or if piece shows damages that preclude it from being entered back into inventory as new the client will be informed of the situation and will be asked of they would like the part returned to them via freight at their expense.

If the part is observed to be damaged and/or used the customer will forfeit any return claims and has purchased the product fully.

  • Before You Call.....
  • #1.) Have your paperwork ready
  • #2.) Have your order Number ready
  • #3.) Have your Pump Model number and Serial number ready.
  • #4.) Have knowledge of the medium being pumped
  • #5.) Is the Medium being pumped hazardous?
  • #6.) Have your contact information ready

Do Not:

  • - Wait longer than 5 calendar days after your purchase to initiate a return
  • - Ship the part(s) back without a Progressivecavityparts/Liberty Process Equipment issued RGA# - failure to do so will result in additional charges being applied against your return.
  • - Ship a pump or part back to us covered or used with in hazardous materials.
  • - Ship an ordered part back to inventory for refund/credit without and RGA and without properly packaging it for travel - you break it you bought it, and progressivecavityparts staff retain the sole discression to make the final determination as to whether a part may be reissued back to stock or considered a used entity.

*Neither nor its parent companies nor their replacement aftermarket progressive cavity pump parts are representative, affiliated or associated with Moyno®, Tarby®, Netzsch®, Continental®, Seepex®, Roper® or Allweiler® or their respective parent corporations. All part numbers, product lines and/or descriptions are for reference purposes only.