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E012G1L PC Pump Stators stocks and supplies popular selections of today's most widely used aftermarket replacement progressive cavity pump stators in steel (CDQ) casings in a variety of stages and stator lining materials depending upon your required pumping application needs. From basic Buna Nitrile Stators to more exotic Viton® and other materials, we stock stators that are ready to ship to your location the same day.

All stators are designed to be drop-in replacements for other popular manufacturers pump models such as *Moyno®, *Tarby®,*Continental®, and more. Please contact us today with your stator question to be sure that the model you purchase is the correct one not only for your model but application.

Contact a sales representative today for more information about our genuine aftermarket progressive cavity pump stators and how you can start saving money and make downtime a thing of the past by using

  • CDB EPDM - Carbon Steel Body
  • CDR Natural Rubber - Carbon Steel Body
  • CDF Viton® - Carbon Steel Body
  • CDQ Buna Nitrile - Carbon Steel Body

*Neither nor its parent companies nor their replacement aftermarket progressive cavity pump parts are representative, affiliated or associated with Moyno®, Tarby®, Netzsch®, Continental®, Seepex®, Roper® or Allweiler® or their respective parent corporations. All part numbers, product lines and/or descriptions are for reference purposes only.

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1E012 Pump Stator - Buna Nitrile 1E012 Pump Stator - Viton 2E012 Pump Stator - Buna Nitrile
Sold Individually $522.00
Sold Individually $1,490.00
Sold Individually $828.00
1E012 Progressive Cavity Pump Stator 1E012 Pump Stator 2E012 Pump Stator - Buna Nitrile
1E012 Pump Stator 1E012 Pump Stator - Viton 2E012 Pump Stator