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Millennium G090G1L PC Pump Rotors

Millennium Series Rotors

Liberty Process Equipment stocks and supplies today's most widely used aftermarket progressive cavity pump (CDQ) rotors in Plain Unplated Tool Steel and Hard-Chrome Plated Tool Steel as well as 316 gauge Stainless Steel progressive cavity pump (SSQ) rotors in both Standard Stainless Steel and Hard-Chrome Plated Stainless Steel.

We stock Progressive Cavity Pump Rotors that are ready to ship to your location the same day in the most popular stage and size combination's. All Liberty Process Equipment Steel and Stainless Steel Rotors are designed to be 100% drop-in replacements for other popular manufacturers pump models for the 2000 Series Moyno®, Century 5 Series Tarby®, and Continental CG Series pumps and pump parts. Please contact us today with your pump Rotor question.

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Contact a sales representative today for more information about our genuine aftermarket progressive cavity pump Rotors in Steel and Stainless Steel and how you can start saving money and make downtime a thing of the past by using Liberty Process Equipment.

*Neither nor its parent companies nor their replacement aftermarket progressive cavity pump parts are representative, affiliated or associated with Moyno®, Tarby®, Netzsch®, Continental®, Seepex®, Roper® or Allweiler® or their respective parent corporations. All part numbers, product lines and/or descriptions are for reference purposes only.

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1G090 Progressive Cavity Pump Rotor 2G090 Progressive Cavity Pump Rotor
1G090 Pump Rotor
Sold Individually $4,210.00
2G090 Pump Rotor
Sold Individually $6,388.00
1G090 Pump Rotor 2G090 Pump Rotor